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CBD Gummies

Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Grape Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Colors Added (Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, Organic Turmeric, Organic Annatto), Natural Flavors, Hemp CBD Isolate.

Suggested Use

Take 1-2 gummies daily.



These CBD infused gummies are unanimously our favorite product here at Team Elite Organics. These are vegan and GMO-free. Our gummies are also THC FREE isolate gummies. 222MG of CBD per jar. 10mg of CBD per gummy. These are designed to help relax after a long day :)



... you’re buying hemp-based deliciousness in a bottle :) Each one of our vegan gummy bears is jam-packed with 10mg of CBD, meaning the industry-leading Elite Organics formulation is now available in one of the tastiest cannabidiol-infused treats on the market.

Also, all of our CBD gummies for sale are sourced from a 99% pure CBD isolate, meaning they are entirely free of any traces of THC.


According to our customer feedback responses, one of the most popular reasons that people buy gummy bears (10mg CBD) is because they’re so easy to take. That, and they just flat out taste good. Ever tried non-flavored hemp extract? It’s a bit “earthy,” but these little treats are as mouth-watering as they are beneficial.

In fact, our CBD gummies are the perfect way to get your daily cannabidiol for a variety of uses and applications. They are easy to carry and perfect for those on the go.

Benefits of Gummies

The benefits of CBD gummies contain CBD’s most well-known benefits: promoting physical and mental well-being, helping to relieve pain and joint stiffness, helping to maintain peace, and supporting a regular inflammatory response. But that’s not all; there are a ton of reasons why organic CBD gummies make the ideal choice for your CBD needs. Below are a few advantages:

No High

Typical marijuana products have shown to produce similar benefits to most hemp-based CBD, but the downfall of marijuana is that it causes a serious psychoactive high. Although people love this aspect of marijuana, it can make your daily cognitive functioning within office work or other activities a bit more difficult.

Our best CBD gummies offer the same clarity and relaxation that marijuana users commonly report, without the psychoactive high. For this particular reason, CBD gummies can be used on a daily basis without the worry of it getting in the way of your cognitive performance.

Pre-defined quantity

This is one of the most common questions we get, “How much CBD should a person take?”

Gummies have the answer to this question as they come in pre-dosed bites. Companies usually offer varied strengths that are designed for intermediate users, beginners, and experienced CBD enthusiasts. Having a pre-set strength makes gummies ideal in terms of CBD quantity.

Easy to use

Typically oils and capsules are the popular forms of CBD intake. In this, you need to always check for dosage and quantity. Meanwhile, CBD gummies are way easy to use in comparison, one gummy is all you need, and you’re good to go. No extra preparation or estimating CBD amount is required; in fact, people won’t even know that you’re taking CBD.

Tastes good

Not everyone enjoys the taste of hemp as it is earthy, nutty and could often turn people off to cannabis products. For this particular reason, CBD gummies are ideal for masking hemp’s original nutty flavor. The best thing about a CBD gummy is that it almost tastes like candy, which makes it a sweet treat with hardly any noticeable hints of hemp. It’s the ideal alternative for anyone who wants to experience CBD without tasting the strong flavor of hemp.

Important: Before purchasing our CBD gummies, please check to see if edible hemp-derived CBD is permitted in your state.